Paint shop opening

In April last year, we announced that changes were coming to Neli Gruppen. Some time ago there was an idea to expand our machine park. It has now become a reality.

We present to you our new production facility – powder coating.

As a manufacturer of sun protection systems, we try to provide our customers the best quality, delivery time and design adapted to their needs. That is why our construction elements are available in any color from the RAL/NCS palette. Each order is treated individually with exceptional care. Powder coating not only allows you to achieve the intended color effect, but also significantly increases the degree of protection against corrosion.

Out of concern for the quality of the entire production process, we decided to launch our own modern, semi-automatic powder paint shop. Over a year of construction and finishing works, many square meters, excellent machine parameters and great specialists in the industry. The plant is located in the Skarbimierz Economic Zone and will eventually employ 20 people working in 2 shifts.

Ecological solutions

Our paint shop is based on the technology of chemical surface treatment Oxsilan, a German reputable company Chemetall. This technology provides high corrosion resistance, but is also environmentally friendly. The entire painting stage takes place in a closed circuit, which means that the generated production waste is neutralized before being discharged into the sewage system. Photovoltaic panels were placed on the roof.

The production facility is divided into three zones: a high-storage warehouse, processing and preparation of profiles, and a powder coating. The prepared profiles are hung on special hooks, then transported to the tunnel, where they are washed, degreased, etched and covered with Oxsilan conversion coating. Dried and prepared for painting details go to the spray booth. Here, the operator covers the elements with polyester powder paint. The last stage is curring them in dryer in 160-200C oven, with in this process the ink polymerises.

The mechanical tests are performed during whole process which improves the quality of the paint coating. In the powder coating process we use high quality paints from top brands. The entire process is completed with a detailed quality control in accordance with the qualicoat quality standard.

Many years of experience and our staff allow us to offer our customers high-quality sun protection systems.

We are constantly developing and investing in technologies that ensure durability and functionality of our products, and the opening of a powder coating has strengthened our belief that it is worth looking to the future with optimism.



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