Discover the potential of functional garden architecture with an aluminum garden pergola.

In an era where garden architecture holds as much significance as the house itself, a functional pergola can elevate any private property’s outdoor space. It embodies the perfect fusion of aesthetics and practicality—a testament to elegance that resonates with homeowners’ increasing desire for harmony between their surroundings and the natural environment.

Pergomella Compact serves as an attractive link between the interior of the house and the garden, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding landscape. Its functionality goes beyond mere decoration, addressing the modern needs of residents. Primarily, it offers intelligent solutions, providing shade during summer heatwaves and a sheltered retreat on rainy days, while also defining the outdoor space and enhancing the property’s unique character. Moreover, this pergola is not just a sturdy structure and aesthetic addition but also a nod to eco-sustainability. Our garden pergola aligns seamlessly with the contemporary trend of sustainable lifestyles

Explore the advantages, purpose, capabilities, and construction of Pergomella Compact. Discover why this functional extra space is the answer to the modern needs of all homeowners. Turn yourself into the architect of your own paradise, where an encounter with the sun or the rain becomes a unique ritual

Garden pergola – understanding its importance in contemporary garden design

As spring arrives, it’s natural to seek a sanctuary where time seems to slow down. The shifting ambiance beyond our windows inspires us to embrace nature’s beauty and extend our activities outdoors. The pergola, an integral part of garden design, aligns seamlessly with this desire while providing much-needed additional space. This blend of practicality and aesthetics makes the pergola an increasingly essential element for crafting a distinctive atmosphere in gardens and on terraces.

A pergola embodies an architectural structure that harmoniously blends decorative and practical elements within outdoor spaces. Originating from ancient Greece, it initially manifested as an open corridor supported by columns. Evolving over time, the pergola has traversed various eras and cultures, yet its fundamental purpose has endured: to provide a serene resting area in the garden, allowing individuals to relish the fresh air while sheltered from excessive sunlight.

Modern pergolas epitomize a sophisticated garden structure, seamlessly blending aesthetic and functional elements. Typically, they feature a regularly spaced grid of posts or columns—often crafted from wood or metal—supporting a complex system of beams, boards, or slats that form a vault-like canopy over a designated area. Beyond its decorative allure, the pergola serves a practical purpose, providing shade and, at times, shelter from the rain. This versatility renders it an indispensable component of contemporary recreational spaces, gardens, or terraces. Furthermore, it serves as a decorative accent capable of transforming the ambiance of any property. With limitless customization options, pergolas can be tailored to suit any environment, imbuing it with a distinctive charm.

The bioclimatic pergola as a synonym for healthy living, comfort and tasteful design

A romantic candlelit dinner, a tranquil reading session in the shade, or a delightful family meal outdoors – the garden pergola has increasingly become an essential feature of outdoor spaces where luxury intertwines with nature. For years, Nerli Gruppen has prioritized functionality, high quality, and reliability while ensuring all products maintain their aesthetic appeal. As a result, users can enjoy designer and practical solutions for many years to come. Pergomella Compact, the younger and lighter sibling of Pergomella is no exception. We have trimmed a few kilograms off its top design, giving it a sleeker silhouette. This streamlined pergola effortlessly complements any terrace arrangement or garden setting.

Pergomella Compact transcends being merely a garden structure. By investing in it, you are enhancing your outdoor living space with comfort, style, and harmony.

Additional space in the garden or on the terrace

Running out of space at home? Why not extend into the garden? An aluminum garden pergola is a lifesaver for those seeking to expand their usable space adjacent to their home. Serving as an extension of your living space, the pergola becomes an additional room for relaxation, work, and outdoor entertainment. Design your dream space for a jacuzzi, dining area, playroom, or a cozy spot for memorable gatherings.

Investing in your own health

Pergomella Compact contributes significantly to overall health and well-being. Firstly, it serves as an effective shield against harmful UV radiation, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle by reducing the risk of sunburn and premature skin aging. Additionally, the pergola creates a cozy space for relaxation and regular outdoor physical activity, which positively impacts the body’s overall condition by improving cardiovascular capacity and bolstering the immune system. Furthermore, the opportunity to incorporate greenery in close proximity to modern construction enhances air quality. Plants absorb harmful substances while supplying an extra dose of oxygen, thereby fostering the well-being of household members and guests alike.

Exclusive style and elegance

Pergomella Compact seamlessly integrates with the architecture of its surroundings. It serves not only as a functional element but also as an exceptional decoration, adding a distinctive stylistic touch to your garden. With meticulously crafted details and durable materials, the pergola from Nerli Gruppen becomes a designer centerpiece of your property, enhancing the aesthetics of the entire environment and infusing subtle elegance into the garden space.

Space for rest and recreation

Pergolas are increasingly being hailed as havens of tranquility, offering a delightful space to unwind and relax outdoors. The well-organized layout provided by both Pergomella Compact and its older counterpart, Pergomella, allows for the placement of virtually any garden furniture, thereby creating optimal conditions for family gatherings or intimate evenings for two.

Shielding against harmful atmospheric elements

The robust materials employed in crafting Pergomella Compact ensure durability and resilience against the harshest weather conditions. Shielding from intense sun, cold rain, or strong winds, the pergola serves as a functional shelter, enabling year-round enjoyment of your garden.

Increased property value

Many overlook the fact that a pergola is an investment that adds value to a property. The presence of a modern Pergomella Compact can serve as a selling point, influencing potential buyers who appreciate the elegance, intriguing design, and functionality of the surroundings.

Innovative arrangement

Pergomella Compact’s design offers you immense freedom in arranging your space. You don’t require elaborate designs or consultations with multiple specialists like landscape architects or interior stylists to bring your vision to life. From plants to lighting and other decorations, the possibilities for personalization are endless, enabling you to craft a truly unique atmosphere in your garden.

Inspiration for a social life

Rest assured, Pergomella Compact will undoubtedly become the focal point of your home’s social life, offering a comfortable space for family gatherings, barbecues, or intimate parties. With its thoughtful design, your garden will be transformed into a haven where loved ones relish spending quality time together.

Pergomella Compact – characteristics

Despite its substantial weight loss, Pergomella Compact retains all the advantages of the highly regarded Pergomella system. Its slim, slender legs, reduced weight and dimensions, and newly designed rim profile do not compromise the rigidity and stability of the roof. The embedded, radio-controlled fins and electric drive remain as unobtrusive as ever.

Pergomella Compact: A Compendium of Knowledge:

  1. Construction Material: High-Quality, Durable Aluminum.
  2. Mounting options: Free-standing – supported by four legs; Wall-mounted – supported by two legs and the building wall; Roof-mounted – integrated into the roof structure.
  3. Roof: Features movable aluminum slats that can close flat or open up to 110 degrees. The rotating movement of the blades can be activated manually via a switch or remotely with a remote control.
  4. Engine: Equipped with a user-friendly and convenient electric drive from the reputable brand Linak adapted for operation in adverse weather conditions. The motor’s design ensures safe stopping and leaves the blades in any position. The drive housing has a protection degree of IP65.
  5. Lamella control: Managed through a variety of reliable remote controls from brands like Somfy or Teleco, as well as via the dedicated Somfy Tahoma app.
  6. Construction: Designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal technical knowledge for installation and operation. The system is easy to install and operate.
  7. Varnishing: The entire structure undergoes a powder coating process in our powder painting facility, ensuring resistance to corrosion and adverse effects of sunlight. You have the option to choose the perfect color from a wide range of RAL colors for seamless integration with the building facade or garden design.
  8. Lighting: Features a dedicated, comfortable, and discreet LED system installed on the longitudinal beams. Controlled by remote control or smartphone app, this feature is available as an additional option.
  9. Drainage system: Incorporates an aesthetic water drainage system with selectable drainage direction.
  10. Protection: Provides protection against rain and wind according to wind class EN 13659 standards. Shields against the penetration of harmful UV radiation. Ensures no release of toxic substances during use.

Dedicated sidewalls serve as the ideal complement to Pergomella Compact, particularly the Zipner system. Zipner side panels offer protection from the sun, wind, and insects while ensuring privacy. Equipped with a zipper mechanism in the guide, these shutters guarantee perfect tension of the fabric. Additionally, Nerli offers glass panels or aluminum shutters for users’ convenience.

Nerli Gruppen is committed to helping you customize each project with a focus on comfort, ergonomics, and user safety.

Caring for the environment is one of Nerli Gruppen’s top priorities.

Having a garden pergola on one’s own property is not only an expression of elegance and good style in the context of arranging outdoor space. Above all, it is a strategic decision that promotes sustainability and has a beneficial impact on the environment. Acting as an effective climate control system, the Pergomella Compact plays a key role in optimizing the household’s use of natural resources.

It is particularly noteworthy that pergolas play an essential role in a sustainable landscaping strategy. Their presence on the terrace promotes natural shade, reducing the need for intensive indoor air conditioning usage, thus lowering electricity consumption. This not only benefits users financially but also contributes significantly to energy resource conservation, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Pergomella Compact serves as an element that promotes local microclimatization. It facilitates natural ventilation and temperature regulation in the immediate surroundings, enhancing the comfort of space users and reducing the need for heating or cooling, resulting in decreased thermal energy consumption.

Responsible design of spaces in a nature- and people-friendly manner using Pergomella Compact is not only an investment in living comfort but also an expression of concern for priceless nature.



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