When was the company established, and who did that?

The Norwegian mother company was officially established in December 2009, although its first turnover and active operations began in March 2010. The company was founded by Bjørn Nerli. The Polish division was founded in December 2013, and it was established by Dag Nerli.

What is the story of company’s name?

In the absence of suitable name alternatives, the decision was made to use the family’s last name, Nerli. This choice was influenced by the fact that Bjørn Nerli had been involved in the project business since the early 1990s in the Oslo area. The company saw an opportunity to leverage Bjørn Nerli’s well-established reputation in the local Oslo market by using their surname.

Where is the company originally from?
Oslo, Norway.

How was the company created, and what was the reason behind its inception?
The company’s inception can be traced back to a pivotal moment. Bjørn Nerli, the founder, was motivated to start the company after a difference in vision with a prior organization. In 2007, he was engaged to develop a strategy for the Norwegian sun shading project market to enhance business growth. However, the perspectives he presented did not align with the organization’s overall vision. This led to his departure. Driven by his belief in his approach, Bjørn Nerli decided to establish the company in his later years. In August 2011, Dag Nerli joined the Norwegian company and has since played a pivotal role in its growth. Over the last 12 years, he has expanded the company from a small operation in 2011 to the structured organization we see today.

What are the key activities or differences in what we do in Norway versus Poland?
In Norway, our primary focus is on sales and installations, and it serves as the hub for top management’s daily operations. On the other hand, our Polish division is where we see significant development in terms of products, machines, and long-term strategies. Poland plays a pivotal role as the hub from which we aim to expand internationally. This strategic decision is based on logistical advantages and historical proximity to larger markets, making it a strategic gateway for our global ambitions.

Where is the production located?
Brzeg, Poland.

How many people are employed at the company?
The company currently has more than 80 employees in Poland and more than 20 in Norway.

What are the main advantages of Nerli compared to our competition?
Nerli stands out as a lean, forward-looking, and flexible family-owned company. Our strong focus on cooperation and development sets us apart. We are always eager to build and enhance the market further, continuously striving for improvement. We are open to collaboration with more partners across Europe and the world, which makes us unique in our commitment to growth and innovation.

What is the main slogan of the company, and what does it mean?
Because we care!
Our main slogan, “Because we care!” embodies the essence of our family-owned company. This slogan was thoughtfully crafted by our dedicated employees. It signifies our genuine concern for various aspects of our work and interactions.

We care about our colleagues, fostering a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. We care about our customers, striving to build partnerships rather than mere supplier-client relationships. We care about the quality of our orders, ensuring that we consistently deliver products of the highest standards. We also care about the environment, and our commitment to sustainability drives us to improve every day. Additionally, we care about the society in which our products are utilized, aiming to contribute positively to the communities we serve. In essence, “Because we care!” encapsulates our unwavering commitment to these values and principles.


We are objectively accountable, acting as promised and ensuring orderliness from A to Z.

We are proactive with a professional approach to customers, constantly seeking to develop and improve.

We engage in open dialogue, prioritize finding solutions, and maintain a high level of ambition. “No” is not an option.

We share mutual goals as a company, focusing on building a strong team and a value-chain oriented environment, leveraging individual capabilities to strengthen both our internal and external collaborations.


Nerli aims to become a leading supplier in both private and professional markets for sun protection and indoor climate solutions. Our commitment is to be recognized for unwavering dedication to sustainability, innovative solutions, quality products, expertise, and the highest standards of delivery.

How do we ensure the quality of our products?
Ensuring product quality is an integral part of our production routines. Additionally, we hold ISO 9001 certification, which further attests to our commitment to maintaining and upholding high standards of quality.

In how many areas do we serve customers?
We primarily serve customers through direct B2B and project sales with installations (in Norway). However, our reach extends to a variety of geographical locations, including the Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, and even Australia. We are actively seeking opportunities to expand into additional markets to better serve our customers.

Do we have any showrooms where I can see our products?
Yes, you can view our products at our office/facilities in Norway and Poland. Additionally, our area sales managers are well-prepared and carry a comprehensive portfolio of pictures and physical samples. They are always ready to assist and provide you with the opportunity to become acquainted with our assortment during the meeting.

How many product types we offer?
We offer a range of product types, including Outside Roller Blinds, Awnings, Pergolas, Internal solutions, and Venetian Blinds.

How wide is our fabric assortment?
We offer a diverse range of fabrics sourced from renowned manufacturers in the industry. Our assortment includes a wide selection of options to meet various preferences and requirements.

Is there a minimum quantity that I have to order?
No, there is no minimum quantity requirement. Every order, regardless of size, is important to us, and we’re here to meet your needs.

What is the ordering process like?
Our ordering process is straightforward and convenient. Orders can be placed through our user-friendly web portal. Rest assured, your assigned sales representative will be there to guide you through the entire process, providing all the support and assistance you need.

Is the company logo marked on the products by default, or is it optional?
By default, our company logo is included on the products. However, we are flexible and can accommodate requests for customization.

Do we support our partners in any way, such as providing promotional materials?
Our company’s focus in the early stages was primarily on product development and establishing a solid product offering. Looking ahead, our plans include significant development in supporting our partners through marketing-related activities. While we are currently in the process of enhancing this aspect, we envision providing promotional materials and more support to our valued partners in the years to come.

Is there a long wait for order fulfilment, and what does it depend on?
We aim for efficient order fulfilment. Once an order is completed through our web configurator, it goes into production on the same day. The speed of order fulfilment may vary depending on the specific products and quantities ordered. However, we work diligently to minimize wait times and ensure a prompt delivery of your order.

Will I be assigned a sales representative?
Yes, of course! We have an experienced and active team of salespeople. Your representative will be a dedicated point of contact for our company. They are ready and eager to assist you.

Do we provide product training and installation support?

What distinguishes Nerli from other suppliers in the industry?
Nerli stands out as a forward-looking, flexible, and family-owned company with a strong commitment to cooperation and development We are dedicated to improving and building the market further. What sets us apart is our open and welcoming approach to collaborating with good partners across Europe and the world.

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