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Feel free to download the Nerli product catalog. We have worked with passion and dedication so that you can easily explore our offerings and find the perfect products to meet your needs. In the catalog you will find a wide selection of products, from our classic bestsellers to new products that we have prepared especially for you.

terrace systems


Pergomella is a solution with wide configuration possibilities, the size and functionality of which can be adjusted to the needs of each building or garden.
Radio control of the roof slats or the possibility of covering the side walls with vertical shutters from the Zipner family will allow you to create an ideal place to rest. Optional LED lighting integrated into the structure will allow you to use your new comfort zone even after sunset.

terrace systems

pergomella compact

Pergomella Compact represents a new iteration of the pergola, retaining all the advantages of the Pergomella system while reducing weight and dimensions. The newly designed rim profile ensures adequate stiffness and stable setting of the slats on the roof, while hiding the electric drive. The whole has been mounted on narrow legs, which gives the pergola a slender appearance. Pergomella Compact is a highly configurable solution. Modular assembly will allow you to customize the structure according to your preferences.

terrace systems

pergolite zipner

Pergolite Zipner offers an effective and weather-resistant roofing solution designed to shield terraces from excessive sunlight. With its dependable and straightforward design, it proves to be an excellent choice not only for singlefamily houses but also for restaurants and public institutions. Pergolite Zipner features a unique fabric tensioning system integrated into the guides. This innovation ensures seamless coverage of the seating area, eliminating any concerns about unpredictable weather conditions. The result is a versatile and stylish solution, making Pergolite Zipner an ideal choice for shielding terraces and providing a comfortable outdoor experience for various settings, including single-family houses, restaurants, and public institutions.

screen blinds

horizon screener

A solid and elegant product that will be perfect as an external sun shade on skylights. The product has been specially designed to keep the fabric stretched, regardless of the position. Screener Horizon guarantees good air circulation and optimal sun protection.

Nerli patio awning

terrace systems

Terrace awnings

Nerli awnings are a unique design – we perfectly match our products to aesthetic requirements, so they can be enjoyed by the eye for many years. Perfect protection against intense solar radiation is the basic task of our products on large surfaces such as terraces, balconies or gardens. Choose a model: Nordic Design, Nordic SQ or Nordic Legend and discover their possibilities.

Nerli external zipner blinds

screen blinds


Zipner screen roller blinds are a new quality for products in this segment. A unique solution based on a precise connection of the fabric with a ZIP lock in the edge of the cover has an impact on maintaining the proper tension and position of the screen in the side guides. The result is smooth operation in the vertical plane, as well as exceptional resistance to adverse conditions. An innovative approach to the combination of construction and fabric has resulted in exceptional durability, and the resulting tension of the fabric surface makes it an even more beautiful addition to homes and office buildings.

Nerli window awning

screen blinds


The markisolette is a product that combines the features and functionality of vertical Screener shutters and a window awning. This product is intended for outdoor installation in building windows, patio, or balcony doors. The markisolette has a movable, pivoting beam so that when it is unfurled, you can adjust the degree of sunlight coming in.

screen blinds


Screener is a popular and proven sunshade system.
This is a series of roller blinds with an extremely light and modern character. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the guidance of the fabric, choosing between guiding on a rope or in a guide. High functionality combined with low noise levels and low maintenance costs make it an extremely popular product that provides effective protection from the sun.

screen blinds


The window awning offers an ideal solution for scenarios demanding a blend of window blind functionality with the aesthetics and lightweight design of an awning. Its universal and timeless design not only enhances the facades of single-family houses but also adds charm to commercial establishments, including service venues, restaurants, cafes, and small shops.

Nerli facade blinds

lamella systems

venetian blinds

We create Nerli external blinds with the full optical and thermal comfort of the user in mind. Adjusting the amount of light entering the room, its dispersion and reflections is due to the slats with adjustable position and angle of inclination. All this in one of the three tasteful versions of a diverse character.

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