Terrace awnings

Nordic SQ

Nordic SQ is a new cassette-free awning. The minimalist design and the characteristic semicircular front beam can fit into any surroundings and perfectly match the dedicated awning canopy. Thanks to its simple and thoughtful design and solid workmanship, the Nordic SQ can be used in single-family housing and public utility buildings.


standard construction colors:

RAL 9010
RAL 9010
RAL 9006
RAL 9006
RAL 7016
RAL 7016


Min: 2000 mm | Max .: 7000 mm


1600 mm, 2100 mm, 2600 mm, 3100 mm, 3600 mm

manual operation:

1500 or 1800 mm crank


standard fabrics:

fabric joining:

In the production process, we only use the hot glue method with the use of the highest quality reactivated PUR-based glue. it is the newest joining technique for awning fabrics.


Type A
Type B

The standard height of the front cover is 210 mm

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