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Australia is an awning, which is able to become part of each surroundings, performs well even in the most requiring conditions. Australia can be equipped with an additional function of adjusting the inclination angle of the awning – R -Pitch. Thanks to a simple construction and solidity of execution it is successfully applied in modern architecture.

Palladio is an elegant awning with a cassette, which looks perfectly both as a rolled-up and an open one. A high functionality, user-friendliness, easiness of installation and a neat design are just some advantages of such an awning.

Window awning is a perfect solution for private housing, restaurants or shops. Not only serves as decoration but above all protect against excessive sun exposure. Well designed manual and electric machanism make it easy to operate.

The markisolette is a product based on the proven solution of the SQ 110 screener system combined with the superior functionality of the window awning. The modern design of the square cassette is the perfect solution for commercial and home buildings, offering outstanding aesthetic and practical value.


Patio awnings have arms with chain tension


The innovative method of gluing awning fabrics improves watertightness and appearance of awnings


Option of manual or electronic control


Many outreach options

Warmth under control
Thanks to the ability to adjust the slope angle of the slats ranging from 0 to 90 degrees, we have the ability to control the amount of sunlight entering the room and also reflect it, which affects the temperature inside. Lowering the temperature in summer and keeping it in winter - all due to the air buffer layer between the shutter mounted and the window. So controlled light will help create pleasant working or resting conditions.
The number of colors, methods of covering the structure and the types of screen cloths offered by Nerli are the field for imagination.
Ease of use
Choose the best control method for your needs. A wide range of drive solutions and control options offers unlimited possibilities.

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