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A solid and elegant window awning is intended for installation outside, on the veranda and other large vertical and horizontal glazing. The Screener Horizon blind has a specially designed traction bar to guarantee constant fabric tension in any position. The Horizon blinds may be installed side by side, double module possible with only one motor.


Possibility to cover large areas


High quality of plating - the fabric does not wrinkle, does not "rip" and the seal is invisible (hides to the bottom bar)


The ability to adjust the light entering into the room, which allows you to control the temperature inside


Modular system

Windows are part of the building most exposed to heat loss. Buffer layer in the form of blinds significantly improves the thermal performance of buildings, making them a practical solution and bringing significant savings over time.
Tight barrier, lower costs
The tightness of the shutter will allow you to cut off completely from the outside. Calculation is simple: lower air conditioning costs in summer, lower energy losses in winter.
Ease of use
Choose the best control method for your needs. A wide range of drive solutions and control options offers unlimited possibilities.

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Campus Ås Project

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