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A modern product, with the unique and strong character. Its design perfectly complements contemporary architectural ideas. Similarly, like in the case of the S-type blinds, the gasket pressed into slats allows the silent and perfect blind closure, increasing thus light and thermal insulation.

The S-type blinds are unique and elegant product line, ensuring exceptional features in sun protection. The special shape of the slats, equipped with silencing gasket, increases the product performance in the field of usage comfort, light and thermal protection. The softness of a S-shape form emphasizes additionally the character of the building facade.
With its innovative shape of slats, Z90 blinds have the possibility of almost total closure. Moreover, seal pressed into the slat improve its optical and thermal properties.

Full control of lighting and thermal conditions indoors, privacy and security, and meeting the requirements of passive and energy-efficient buildings. It is the quintessence of Nerli blinds, which are an aesthetic complement to any facade.


Possibility of customizing cover panels to match the façade of the building


Option of modular assembly


Metal, sturdy guide pins in the guide


The ability to adjust the light entering into the room, which allows you to control the temperature inside

Warmth under control
Thanks to the ability to adjust the slope angle of the slats ranging from 0 to 90 degrees, we have the ability to control the amount of sunlight entering the room and also reflect it, which affects the temperature inside. Lowering the temperature in summer and keeping it in winter - all due to the air buffer layer between the shutter mounted and the window. So controlled light will help create pleasant working or resting conditions.
Tight barrier, lower costs
The tightness of the shutter will allow you to cut off completely from the outside. Calculation is simple: lower air conditioning costs in summer, lower energy losses in winter.
Ease of use
Choose the best control method for your needs. A wide range of drive solutions and control options offers unlimited possibilities.

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