Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House is an impressive architectural building located on Bjørvika Bay. It is the first opera house to be built on Norwegian soil and has become the centerpiece of the Norwegian capital.

An architectural and artistic masterpiece for everyone

The building was designed by architects Tarald Lundevall and Kjetil Thorsen from Snøhetta and has an area of 38,500 m2 spread over 1,100 rooms. It is covered with white Italian marble, which gives the building a distinctive and majestic character.

The entrance and the public area of this monumental building are characterized by roofs sloping down to the water surface. The roof is covered with stone slabs of white marble, on which visitors can climb to the highest point of the building. The roof of the opera house has become a popular walking spot with great views of the bay and the rest of Oslo.

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet moved to a new building in Bjørvika in 2008. Since then, the opera has become an important cultural institution in Norway, with a wide range of performances and concerts.

Improvement of internal screens

Statsbygg, the property manager and developer of the Norwegian government, over time decided to maintain and modernize the technical systems of 15-metre high windows that separate the opera lobby from the bay. Cooperation with Nerligruppen was established to carry out the order.

Nerli Gruppen was tasked with improving the internal screens of the Norwegian Opera. They had not been used for a long time and it was necessary to bring out a functional sun visor solution on the main wall facing the sea. This side of the building is very sunny, and unfortunately the existing screens did not provide sufficient protection from sunlight. Opera needed new solutions.

After consultations with the facility and dialogue with the client, it was decided to replace all the canvases on the existing internal screens in the lobby of the building. Because it is a place where are often a lot of people, some of the work was done at night.

In addition, as part of the maintenance plan, all internal system motors have been replaced to ensure optimal performance of the products in the future.

After facility maintenance, the Norwegian Opera has a functional sunshade that works as expected. The Bjørvika Opera House is one of Oslo’s largest building projects and is a cultural institution in Norway.

Thank you Statsbygg for the task!