Terrace Awnings - your recipe for perfect outdoor relaxation!

We are excited to share inspiration and practical tips for arranging your outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for a solution that will allow you to make the most of your terrace or balcony space, consider a terrace awning. This product can transform your everyday life!

Terrace awnings are the perfect solution for those seeking a stylish and functional way to protect themselves from the sun, enhancing the comfort of outdoor living. Thanks to modern technologies and a wide range of available materials, terrace awnings are not only practical but also decorative. They can highlight the character of any property and provide a cozy, shaded space ideal for relaxation.

We have specially prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions: Which awning should you choose for your terrace? What are the differences between the various systems and installation types? And much more. Enjoy the sun without compromise—learn about terrace awnings and create an unbeatable place to relax!

Terrace Awning – What Is It and Why Should You Have One on Your Terrace?

If you’re looking for an effective way to enhance the comfort of your terrace, an awning might be the perfect solution. However, before you decide to purchase one, it’s important to understand exactly what a terrace awning is and the purposes it serves.

What is a Terrace Awning?

A terrace awning is a high-tech device installed over a terrace or balcony, designed primarily to protect against the sun and unfavorable weather conditions. It consists of a supporting structure and a durable, UV-resistant covering material, often made of acrylic. The supporting structure is typically made of aluminum or steel, providing adequate strength and stability.

Terrace awningsare compact and can be rolled in or out depending on how much shade you need. You can also adjust the angle to achieve the best comfort for your terrace or balcony. They can be controlled manually with a crank or automatically with an electric motor, which further enhances their functionality.

A terrace awning not only improves outdoor comfort but also enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space.

For what purpose are terrace awnings used?

Terrace awnings offer numerous advantages that can significantly enhance the quality of your daily life and the usability of your outdoor spaces. Here are the main benefits of installing a terrace awning:

  • Protection from the Sun – An awning effectively blocks the sun’s rays, allowing you to enjoy your terrace even on the hottest days. It protects you, your guests, and your garden furniture or plants from fading due to intense sunlight. You can adjust the projection and angle to achieve the most comfortable shade.
  • Heat Reduction – Using an awning helps lower the temperature on the terrace and inside adjacent rooms. This can lead to reduced air conditioning costs and increased energy efficiency in your home.
  • Aesthetics and Style – Terrace awnings come in various designs and colors to complement your home’s architectural style and your personal aesthetic preferences, giving your terrace an elegant and cohesive look A well-chosen awning can become a striking decorative element.
  • Privacy – An expandable awning creates an additional barrier, enhancing privacy on your terrace, especially in dense, urban areas.
  • Integrated Lighting – Some models are equipped with LED lights, eliminating the need for extra outdoor lighting and allowing for cozy evenings on your terrace.
  • Weather Protection – Although primarily designed to shield you from the sun, an awning also allows you to enjoy your terrace during light spring rains.
  • Increased Property Value – A professionally installed terrace awning can boost your property’s value. It is an investment that attracts potential buyers and makes your home more appealing on the real estate market.

Which awning to choose for your terrace?

Choosing the right awning for your terrace is crucial for maximizing comfort and enjoyment of your outdoor space. A terrace awning not only provides shade and protection from the sun but also serves as a decorative element that can enhance the character of your terrace. Here’s what to consider when selecting the perfect awning for you.

Terrace awning types

  • Free-Cassette Awning – These awnings are characterized by the absence of a cover for the rolled fabric. They are simpler in construction and usually less expensive, making them ideal if your terrace is sheltered by a roof or other structures that naturally protect the awning from the weather.

An excellent example of a cassette-free awning is Nordic SQ. This stylish open-profile awning features a minimalist design and a unique semicircular front beam, harmonizing with any home style. Its solid construction and well-thought-out design allow for installation in small areas, making it perfect for both single-family homes and public buildings. Optional features include a top roof for rain protection and the R-PITCH function for easy angle adjustment, enhancing its versatility and convenience.

  • Half-Cassette Awning – These awnings have a cassette that protects the fabric and mechanism from rain, snow, and dirt, helping the fabric retain its aesthetic and functional qualities longer. This type is ideal for walls exposed to harsh weather conditions and adds an aesthetic touch to the façade.

Nordic Design exemplifies a cassette awning that looks fantastic on any property façade. It offers remarkable functionality and ease of use. Stylish and practical, it can be equipped with a front vario-volant for additional coverage or even used as a projector for cozy evening movie sessions on your terrace.

  • Full-Cassette Awning – This model fully encloses the fabric and awning arms in a cassette, leaving only an aesthetic rectangular cassette on your façade. It is a solid and beautiful solution that adds a luxurious touch to your terrace.

Nordic Legend is the king of full-cassette awnings. It’s perfect if you seek a robust and strong awning with a luxurious, stylish design. Equipped with LED lights for extra coziness, it is available only with automatic control. However, the ease of use with comfortable remote controllers and weather sensors will win your heart.

Terrace awning – control options

  • Manual Drive – Durable manual drive components ensure easy and effortless retraction and extension of the awning. This is a cost-effective solution that still offers a user-friendly control. You can choose from different lengths of control cranks to ensure comfortable use.
  • Electric Drive – This type of drive offers the ultimate comfort. The extension and retraction of the awning are done quickly and quietly using a remote controller, wall switch, or mobile app. Additionally, the electric drive can be equipped with weather sensors to protect the awning during heavy wind or rain. Integration with smart home systems allows you to control the awning from anywhere in the world.
  • Electric Drive with Emergency Crank – This two-in-one solution combines the best features of both manual and automatic drives. You can enjoy the ease and comfort of control via remote controller or app, while still having the option to manually operate the awning with a crank in case of a power outage or similar emergency.

Terrace awning – mounting options

  • Mounting to roof rafters – This method requires a rafter bracket bolted to a wall bracket. It is ideal if you have a roofed terrace, balcony, or other situations where mounting to a wall or directly to the ceiling is not possible.
  • Mounting to the wall – This is the most standard mounting method, ensuring stability and durability. It uses wall brackets that attach directly to the building’s wall.
  • Mounting to the ceiling – This option allows the installation of the awning under a ceiling or balcony. Bolted ceiling brackets with a wall bracket ensure both stability and aesthetics.

Terrace awning – types of valances

  • Straight finish – This style is ideal for uniform covers and is often used in commercial applications as an advertising surface.
  • Decorative waved valance – This option gives the awning a classic look, pairing especially well with patterned fabrics. It adds a touch of lightness and a mediterranean feel.

The standard length of a valance is 150 mm; however, you can customize it to suit your needs and design preferences.

Terrace awning – material

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality fabrics to ensure the best experience with our products.

For our awnings, we use acrylic fabrics known for their durability and performance. A terrace awning made with acrylic material—preferably impregnated with Teflon—provides excellent resistance to harmful UV radiation. It effectively shields you from the sun while maintaining vibrant, non-faded colors. The dense weave of acrylic fabric offers a wide range of colors, easy maintenance, and resistance to mold, fungus, and rotting.

Still can’t make up your mind?

We understand that deciding to get an awning is significant. We understand that deciding to get an awning is significant. After all, you’ll spend many evenings on your terrace, making memories, right? If you still have concerns or doubts about how an awning will look on your terrace, you can address them right away without leaving your home.

Nerli Gruppen’s AR application will assist you in designing the perfect product for your garden effortlessly. Customize dimensions, construction colors, or fabric patterns to find the best configuration for your terrace.

Nerli AR – See Our Products In Your Garden

With Nerli Gruppen, your terrace comfort is within reach. Investing in an awning means betting on a better quality of life – a decision that will benefit you for years to come. Take the first step toward perfect outdoor relaxation and let your terrace moments take on a new, fuller dimension.

If you have questions, our dedicated team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Consult our team to find the best solution for your terrace.